Nikki’s Christian Daycare & Learning Center is founded on the Holy Bible, the Word of God. We believe Jesus Christ is the Son of God, born of a virgin. He was crucified on a cross for the sins of man. He was buried, rose again on the third day and is seated on the hand of God the Father interceding on behalf of all believers. We believe when Jesus ascended He promised to not leave us without comfort so God’s Holy Spirit was sent to lead, guide, teach, reveal truth, and comfort. While it is not a requirement for all employees and students to believe in the Lord Jesus Christ to work or attend NCDC, it is important for all to understand that we do have center wide prayer daily, chapel weekly, classroom Bible studies daily and pray before all meals and staff meetings. Our standards of conduct and operating procedures are such as to bring glory to God in every area. The music, curriculum, movies, computer programs, and other teaching tools promote the quality of life instructed in the Word of God. This center is nondenominational.

Nikki's Christian Daycare & Learning Center is under 24 hour surveillance, is affiliated with Virginia Quality Initiative, is subsidy approved, and utilizes Bright Wheel Childcare Management Software (keeps track of meals, napping & 'potty activities', check in & out, sends parent communication through instant messages, has capability to show parents photos and videos of child's activities).


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We have served our Woodbridge Community for over 25 years. Nikki's Christian Day Care has two convenient locations near commuter lots, making drop off and pick up stress-free. 


The before and after care of choice, we service six elementary schools in the local area. We assist with homework and extend our amazing Abeka curriculum to all students.


Our rates include an annual registration and curriculum fee. Contact us for our current specials.

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